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Vascular Dementia Prognosis & Diagnosis



What is Life Expectancy of Vascular Dementia Patients?

Vascular Dementia is one of the common diseases and one of the forms of Alzheimer?s. The diagnosis is based on patient?s history, tests, symptoms, signs and other important factors depending on the chronic levels of the disease. Vascular dementia can occur due to various reasons and one of the important and common reasons is the metabolic causes. Yes, many people fail to understand that what could be the cause and the reason. However, the chemical changes inside one?s body matter a lot and it affects the physiological factors of a person as well. So how do you think the vascular dementia is diagnosed? The physical examination is required along with the patients past medical history. They might also include the notes and events as described and explained by the patient?s family members and depending upon these notes, the diagnosis is carried out. However, these diagnosis and prognosis also depend on the patient?s cognitive ability. Everything matters a lot, especially the background of the person and his or her educational background. The etiology is done to understand the cerebrovascular disease along with tumors which could be diagnosed by X-rays. MRIs or Advanced MRIs, CT Scans and EEG (Electro Encephalogram). This determines persona hormonal imbalances as well.

Vascular Dementia Diagnosis

How can you diagnose the vascular dementia? Well, it can be diagnosed through various reasons and among these; the major reasons may include the hypertension and the stroke. The progression of the condition abruptly declines with the periods and in the intervals. The patient might face abrupt onset, focal neurological signs, ischemia, emotional changes, somatic complaints, etc. At times, the patients do not understand that they are suffering from this major problem and many tend to ignore this. In USA, an estimated amount of diagnosed patients with vascular dementia has increased in the past five years. The rapid increase of this disease has lead to various complications in one?s life, which have also leaded to the improper prognosis.

Vascular Dementia Prognosis

Prognosis may vary from person to person and region to region depending upon one?s mortal levels. However, it is deemed that the patients can fight back if they prepare their minds. Vascular dementia signs are easy to understand but difficult to do prognosis on since it is a bit confusing status.  To begin with, the patients at first start with a bit of uneasiness like forgetting stuff and events and later on they think that it is normal but to be very honest, it is not. As a doctor, I understand what the patients think and what the consequences are if these are ignored. When the patients go for certain tests and neurological examinations, the condition might seem fine but when the tests are in deep, it starts surfacing the extent and location of brain damages or the damages that has done to its brain. These multiple diagnosis at first begins with the specific loss of functionalities where the patient starts getting petrified and then loss or weakness erupts. The cerebellar dysfunction is one of the major side effects and the abnormal reflexes are present.