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Vascular Dementia Stages



Stages of Vascular Dementia

Vascular dementia is one of the common forms of Alzheimer?s disease. It is considered as the common and the most happening in many patients. Today, majority of people suffer from vascular dementia. So, what do you precisely understand by the term vascular dementia? Well, dementia is linked with forgetfulness and this, we all know, that it is a problem related to memory loss or forgetfulness. However, the vascular dementia affects the brain after a stroke and this illness occurs rapidly, in a random based manner. The other way could be the significant loss of blood. This illness is also known as the MID or the multi-infract dementia. Do not confuse yourself with the Alzheimer?s because it is a bit different. However, the symptoms of vascular dementia are kind of similar in both cases and which is why many people confuse themselves with this disease. But make sure that you understand the exact nature of this disease or else it could be a bit fatal.  

Vascular Dementia Early Stage

In the beginning, the onset is gradual and the process is kind of steady in the vascular dementia?s first early stage. In other words, a person does not feel completely dejected but he feels kind of irregularities in his lifestyle. At the beginning, the patient will for sure feel difficulty in walking and talking. While walking, the person gets lethargic and it might be very difficult for him to gather his steps. The person tries to connect the steps and then he will try to make sure that he is taking right steps or not. Sometimes, some patients just leave the way they are and started living with this fact that they cannot actually walk properly. Sometimes they will fall down and crawl. However, this depends on the severity of the vascular dementia. When they talk, their speech becomes slurred and they will blabber and find difficulty in gathering words and understanding the language. Then the patient will find difficulty in performing daily activities and his regular activities become very obnoxious since he cannot perform well. The conversational levels start to get absurd with lack of focusing and concentration. The patient will be troubled in understanding and focusing various things, places, events, and people around him.  

The early stages of vascular dementia slowly and gradually start overwhelming like poison deep inside people?s brain. It is one of its own conditions where a person starts forgetting things and gets difficulty in reminding events, places, etc; in a normal life condition.  

Vascular Dementia Advanced Stage (Later/Critical)   

In this stage, it is important for the patient to understand that this is something serious and he has to undergo treatment, if not, then get himself admitted in one of the best hospitals available in the town. The supervision gets increased when a patient enters into the later stage of vascular dementia, which is also called as the critical stage. They might become danger to themselves. In this a person might experience hallucinations, confusion, wandering, night walking, delusions, etc.